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Exhibition at the Monastery of Veruela in Spein
An international art event organized by the group from Zargoza, “Arte en “Orbita, at the Monastery of Veruela in Spain. It took place from August 23 to September 1st, 2002. The work produced during the event was exhibited at the Monastery until the end of September.

"In Vino Veritas"
I was very interested to learn that there is a wine museum at the Monastery of Veruela, and that there are many vineyards in the area known as the "Campo de Borja". In fact the monks had produced wine and bought much of the surrounding land for their vineyards. We enjoy drinking red wine in the evening and especially bottles of Spanish wine. Back in the 70s I created images by inking the ends of used wine bottle corks and printing them on paper. I enlarged some of the most interested ones many times the original size, and made a series of silkscreen prints, which I called "Vine Art Portraits". Later I placed four impressions from the same cork on every page in the book "VINTAGE" published by the Rainer Verlag in Berlin in 1983.

I proposed showing enlarged images in colour made from wine bottle corks at the Wine Museum, and also to make a large installation with the corks themselves. In fact, I wanted to compose a "Vine Art Portrait" (a pun on Fine Art) of the most famous person who ever lived at the Monastery of Veruela, the poet and painter Gustavo Alfonso Bécquer.
For this I needed a great many corks, over a thousand of them. They were saved for me at the local restaurant across the road, and at the Wine Museum in the grounds of the monastery, as well as by restaurants in Zaragoza frequented by the Cambio Constante III organisers, Paco Simón and Ginevra Godin.

Before I left Berlin, I made over 80 5-colour prints from wine bottle corks, some form Campo de Borja wines, enlarged in the computer and mounted onto CD-ROMs. A further set of 81 smaller-sized prints was adhered to a square canvas from 1989, painted with squares of acrylic colour. This work was shown during the exhibition at the new Galerie Vostell Berlin at the Pfefferburg, which opened on September 7th.

In the Monastery of Veruela a large piece of chipboard was found for me to work on in the new monastery buildings, where 700 Jesuits had lived and worked until 1978. I created the image with corks, sticking them onto the board upright with the wine-stained end uppermost. The frame was made from larger cork stoppers in three sizes.