Halle LinX
Fruit Labels
Cloth Works
Made in China
Marlene Frei
Flux Folk
Freies Museum
Rockn Roll
2010, 5 museum boards 120 x 80 cm, each with 20 units of text over-painted with coloured ink.
2008, shown at the museum FLUXUS+ during the exhibition “FLUX-FOLK”. 2011, shown at the Freies Museum in Berlin during the exhibition “ONE + ONE”.
2011, shown at the Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei in Zurich during the exhibition “Keys to My Heart”..
In the abbreviated diary work CONFLUX II, five panels, each 120 x 80 cm, I wrote only the names in my diaries from 1989-2006 in the chronological order in which they appear. Interspersed in the text are the years, months – cities, venues and places – when and where events took place. All the text is colour-coded according to the activity I was involved in at the time. Blue and turquoise indicate daily life at home, pink and purple are shared meals, greens mark colleagues and collectors, red and orange celebrate artists, exhibitions and parties etc. The title CONFLUX refers to a flowing with the tide and this, in my case, means a close association with artists from the FLUXUS group and my involvement with Ryszard Wasko’s International Artists’ Museum and Construction in Process during the 1990s.
My diaries are not the ‘kiss and tell’ kind, nor are they soul-searching, consciousness-raising, self-analytical or even poetic. They are actual, factual day-to-day accounts of what I’ve been up to all these years. They note whom I met and worked with, when I was taking part in exhibitions and per- formances and whether I was being paid for my efforts. Some days and some years there wasn’t that much to write about or I was too busy with the details of living, but I still pasted in drawings, prints, copies and photos to fix the date on which ideas were conceived and later realised. What emerged was in no way intended for the general public to see and even now, only selected, original, double-pages were on view in the exhibition at the Freies Museum, or were illustrated in the limited edition “The Visual Diaries 1962-2006”, published by the Galerie & Edition Marlene Frei in Zurich.