Flux Messe
Lille 2004
La Muga Caula


Berlin, Akademie der Künste, during “Sprache der Künste”: Feb. 4, SPIRALE”
Roskilde, Kulturhuset, during “Festival of Fantastics“: June 2, SPIRALE, (also with Garry Williams)
Salzburg, Internationale Sommerakademie der Kunst, with students in the class “Language Happenings”: Aug. 14, ABC ET CETERA, (also with GarryWilliams)
Kassel, Bistro New York, during “La Fête Permanente”: June 26-27, with the group CITY SOUVENIR
Tokyo, Machida-shi Museum of Graphic Art, Oct. 17, From the Fluxus Repertory, (also with Garry Williams)
Berlinische Galerie, during “Stationen der Musikalischen Moderne”: Jan. 8, Der Rote Stuhl, (also with Garry Williams)
Illasi, Domus Jani: Istituto Internazionale per L’Arte Totale: March 3, OUT OF AFRICA
Berlin, China Galerie: April 13, Refluctions: a Flexus Happening (video by Mike Steiner)
Lublin, Cultural Centre: May 12, FLUXUS and Company (also with Eric Andersen)
Kassel, Life Is Art Enough – The nomads and the Red Readymade Train, 12.-21. July, Hauptbahnhof Kassel with Jürgen O. Olbrich and friends)
Helsinki, Museum of Contemporary Art: Nov. 14-15, FLUXUS (also with Ben Patterson)
Wiesbaden, Fluxeum; Copenhagen, Nikolaj Kirke; Malmö Konsthalle: Nov. 26-29, FLUXUS A LA CARTE (with many Fluxus artists)
Seoul Arts Centre, National Museum of Korea and Kae-Won Arts Academy: March 3-8, THE SeOUL OF FLUXUS (with many Fluxus artists), March 5, Chayu Theatre at 17.30, OUT OF AFRICA with a musical interlude from the Catabile Club Quartet
Verona, Teatro Romano: March 27, OUT OF AFRICA, (film by Sarenco)
Wiesbaden, Fluxeum: June 19, Fest für Joe Jones (also with Al Hansen and Ben Patterson)
Budapest, during Euro-Woodstock on Student Island: Aug. 8, OUT OF AFRICA
Linz, Maerz Galerie; Vienna, Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst: Nov 17-18, Annäherung (solo)
Berlin, Amerikahaus: Dec. 1, OUT OF AFRICA
Lodz, Artists‘ Museum: for Emmett Williams’ 70th Birthday, May 9, (with Ben Patterson, Daniel Spoerri and other guests; film by Maria Wasko)
Erfurt, Galerie am Fischmarkt, Oct. 7, ERFLUX (also with Ben Patterson)
Hanover, KUBUS: Nov. 5, exhibition opening of MILCHwirtschaft, (solo)
St. Petersburg, Smolny Cathedral: Dec. 8, FLUXUS (also with Geoff Hendricks and Ben Patterson)
New York, Crosby Street Project in SoHo: Jan. 12, OUT OF AFRICA
Moscow, Central House of Artists: Feb. 23-24, FLUXUS (also with Ben Patterson)
Wiesbaden, Fluxeum: May 1st, MR. FLUXUS, – spontaneous event
Warsaw, Zacheta Gallery of Contemporary Art, Maly Salon: May 29, OUT OF AFRICA
Berlin, Interims Kunsthalle: June 30, Homage to Al Hansen (also with Ben Patterson), and Adlon Hotel Counting Song
St. Johann im Pongau, Modehaus Nagel: Oct. 1, OUT OF AFRICA
Zurich, Museum für Gestaltung: Dec. 14, OUT OF AFRICA
Munich, Galerie Carol Johnsson: Dec 18, reading from Mr. Fluxus & Duet
Brno, House of Arts: June 2, OUT OF AFRICA
Lodz, Grohlman Palace: Oct. 5, OUT OF AFRICA (film by Maria Wasko)
Rosenheim, Städtische Galerie: Oct. 9, Alphabet Soup, Annäherung, (solos), and Duet, Do You Remember
London, Barbican Centre: Oct. 25, during the Artists’ Book Fair, reading from MR. FLUXUS
Berlin, Palais Podewil, Für Gaumen und Ohren, zum 60. Geburtstag von Ursula Block, Nov. 27, Alphabet Singalong
Berlin, FINE ART: Jan 29, during “Fluxus in America”, 4-Directional Song of Doubt
Museo Vostell Malpartida: April 10, Homage à Wolf Vostell: Génesis (also with Ay-O)
Berlin, Palais Podewil: June 6, 4-Directional Song of Doubt
Quebec, Le Lieu – centre en art actuel: Nov. 18, 4-Directional Song of Doubt, Counting Song
Sackville, N.B., Mount Allison University, Owens Gallery: November 24, 4-Directional Song of Doubt, Counting Song
Halifax, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design: Nov. 26, 4-Directional Song of Doubt, Counting Song
Lublin, Teatr NN: June 8, OUT OF AFRICA
Bydgoszcz, Club Mozg: July 1st, OUT OF AFRICA
Aachen, Dom: December 2, in the cloister, during the opening of the exhibition Milestones for Peace, Everybody Must Get Stoned
Berlin, Staatsbank, Französische Strasse: December 11, during a celebration for 20 Jahre Gelbe Musik, Everybody Must Get Stoned
Basil, Museum Jean Tinguely: June 1, during Duchamp, Schach und Kunst, Siebenstimmige Schachspiel in vier Richtungen
Aragon, Monastery of Veruela: August 30, in the cloister during CAMBIO CONSTANTE III, Litany for Veruela (LitanŪa para Veruela)
Berlin, Alte Kraftwerk Moabit: June 8, during the company party BEWAGWÄRME, The Alphabet Symphony
Halifax, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Bell Auditorium, February 4, Seamantic Seeways and other Anntics.
Barcelona, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MAC BA), April 12, at the exhibition “Robert Filliou, Genius Without Talent”, Hommage à Robert Filliou (also with Joan Casellas).
Hermannsburg, Kunst- und Kulturforum (KUK) am Heimvolkshochschule Hermannsburg, on May 18th, during the exhibition “Schein & Sein”, A Fluxus Reflux (with Wolfgang Hainke and special guest Ben Patterson)
Düsseldorf, Kunsthalle, July 26, for the Finissage of the exhibition “Fluxus in Düsseldorf 1962/6”, Aktionen und Fluxus-Pieces.
Berlin, Akademie der Künste, August 27, during the concert series CONCEPTUALISMS, zeitgenössische Tendenzen in Musik, Kunst und Film, “13 Ways to use Emmett Williams’ Head”.
Riga, Kunsthalle Arsenal, September 9, for the opening of the exhibition “Fluxus in Germany 1962-1994”, sponsored by the Goethe Institute.
Utrecht, Centraal Museum, during the Fluxus exhibition and at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, Oct. 23-26, 40th Anniversary Fluxus Festival.
Lille, Musée d'art moderne Lille Metropole, February 7, Performance à partir de textes de Robert Filliou (also with Jerôme Bailleul).
Frankfurt, Museum für Moderne Kunst, February 17, Warhol Beuys Superstars, directed by Michael Staab.
Liverpool, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, October 5-6, record performances on film with Eric Andersen, Ben Patterson and Emmett Williams in the George Martin Studio and with students in the auditorium.
Geneva, Attitudes, FESTIVAL ROARATORIO, April 22-24 with John Giorno, Bernard Heidsieck, Gérard-Georges Lemaire, Joan Retallack, Anne Tardos and the group “Mösiöblö”.
Berlin, Akademie der Künste Archiv, August 18, LOTTE LENY‘S BACK IN TOWN.
Poznan, Poland, Estrada Theatre, Ann Noël, Emmett Williams and students from the Academy of Art in Poznan. FLUXUS.
KUNST+PROJEKTE Sindelfingen eV. Ann Noël, Ben Patterson and Emmett Williams during the opening of Fama Fluxus / Mythos Beuys on Nov. 20.
Kassel, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Ann Noël and Emmett Williams during the exhibition fremd bin ich eingezogen. Curator: René Block. Nov. 23. From the FLUXUS repertory
Copenhagen, Denmark, solo performance during Den Frie Udstillingsbygning,
FLUXID: Henning Christiansen. August 3: Homage to Emmett Williams
Potsdam, Schinkelhalle, Ann Noël with the group, Der Maulwerker. October 14: Hommage an Wolf Vostell zum 75th Geburtstag
Potsdam, museum FLUXUS+, during the opening ceremonies, Ann Noël and Ben Patterson. April 21: The Son of Man Trio by Emmett Williams.
Potsdam, museum FLUXUS+, during the opening of the exhibition FLUX FOLK. October 9: Weil Wir Es Uns Wert Sind
Zurich, Switzerland, Cabaret Voltaire, December 11 and December 12: Fluxus Festival. Eric Andersen, Hannah Higgins, Alison Knowles, Larry Miller, Ann Noël and Ben Patterson
Berlin, Kunstpunkt, Ann Noël and Grzegorz Pleszynski during the exhibition Passing Through. July-August. Quadrat.
Gorzow, Poland, Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej, during the FLUXUS exhibition opening, May 5. Fluxus Hors-D’Œuvres d’Art
Verona, Italy, Palazzo Forti, during the memorial celebration for Francesco Conz on June 6. Singsong for Francesco
Potsdam, museum FLUXUS+, Ann Noël, Alison Knowles and Hannah Higgins during the opening of the exhibition In and Out the Window. June 25. Fluxus Tools
Potsdam, museum FLUXUS+, June 25. Fluxus Hors-D’Œuvres d’Art
Lodz, Poland, the Historical Museum. The opening event of the Lodz Biennale. Geoffrey Hendricks, Sur Rodney, Larry Miller, Ann Noël, Eric Andersen and Dorte Krogh, Ben Patterson, Alison Knowles and Hannah Higgins. June 27–30. FLUXUS BANQUET II
Ann Noël and Grzegorz Pleszynski, June 30. Homage to Emmett Williams
Berlin, Akademie der KŁnste, during the exhibition FLUXUS at 50 – Die Irren Sind Los. July 12. Good Vibrations by Ann Noël and An Opera by Emmett Williams.
Poznan, Poland Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Poznan. FESTIWAL FLUXUS, October: Good Vibrations by Ann Noel, The 4-Directional Song of Doubt and Genesis by Emmett Williams
Berlin, Freies Museum, Remise Café, Ann Noël and Garry Williams. September 21. The Drinking Game. The moderators were Nick Bottomley and Matthew Peach.
Poland, Warsaw and Bydgoszcz, Poland, during the 11th MOZG FESTIVAL with Eric Andersen, Ann Noël and Ben Patterson, October 23 – 24. Fluxus Hors-D’Œuvres d’Art
Spain, Les Escaules, during the performance Festival. LA MUGA CAULA. September 16 – 18. One Minute for Ben, Alphabet Song, It’s Me and Copy Me.